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 A clear leader in its field since its release in 1997, PTFB Pro (Originally 'Push the Freakin' Button') has continuously evolved to stay abreast of current applications, operating systems and features requested by users. PTFB Pro Auto-clicker and Macro Recorder offers an elegant, easy to use solution to many of the irritations and interruptions that plague Windows users. It will quickly and discretely answer confirmation requests and prompts that interrupt your workflow, monitor and alter the status of running applications and automate repetitive tasks. It's handy and simple to use for the home user or computer novice, yet for the power user it has the features needed in a professional environment and will even notify you when it takes action on your behalf.

 PTFB Pro auto-clicker is the perfect tool for getting rid of your computer's nagging requests to check for updates, to change your default browser, and to make sure it's 'OK' to do the very thing you've just told it to do. It is, in effect, a 'don't show this again' option for the many prompts and messages that don't have one. Just tell it what buttons to press and when and you'll never be bothered again.
In addition to its nuisance suppression role PTFB Pro has an inbuilt macro recorder and editor, and includes facilities for:
- Detecting when vital programs have hung or stopped responding, and restarting them automatically.
- Automatically closing or restarting programs that have become a cpu hog.
- Automatically closing chosen programs during certain periods, or ensuring that they are running.
- Restoring a window's size and position every time it appears.

Changes on the new version:
- Improved UI compatibility with keyboard interface.
- Improved Visual Trigger with unusual windows, such as UAC dialog on non-secure desktop.
- Added macro 'Re-Record' and 'Clear All Actions' functions.
- Updated PTFB workstation unlock svc and DLL to cope with new Windows 10 lock screen.

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